andy Reid

As a longtime Eagles fan I have seen every game Andy Reid has coached, and I think he Will make the Chiefs relevant again. Jamaal Charles is gonna b the focal point of the offense as a runner and a receiver out of the backfield. A 2,000 total yd. Season is not out of the question. Quarterback Alex Smith is a good fit for Andy’s version of the west coast offense, hes an accurate passer, a mobile if not particularly fat QB he can make play with his feet when needed. Andy’s last couple seasons with Philadelphia were marred by turnovers, inconsistent QB play, and soft defense. I think he started to feel the heat from management to win now and started making risky decisions, like hiring OL coach Juan Castillo ad Def. Coordinator. The Chiefs are a team thats not used to winning and should be willing to buy into Andy’s system unlike the veteran Eagles who seemed to tune him out. There is. Reason why Andy is the 3rd highest paid coach in the league coming off back to Back seasons of not making playoffs with teams with high expectations.